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Shamanic Journeying

Through Drumming and Trance State.

Human cognition is a complex system of perception and understanding, and much of the information we receive each day is subconscious. Mind interacts with environment at a much higher level than we are usually ever aware of. Pattern recognition and the ability to read body language are just two ways in which the human mind captures information subconsciously.

Often, when a person decides to look deeper at Shamanic practice or access Shamanic services, it is because they have begun to notice and recognise things that have personal significance to them in the information they encounter in this way.

Shamanism is an ancient practice rooted in the idea that the natural world is binary in nature. It incorporates both an ordinary, everyday, functional world which is constructed around social and cultural expectations, inherent human behaviour and a variety of belief systems, and a second overlying realm of spiritual existence. Often, when we begin to notice these personal and environmental synchronicities, it is the overlying spirit realm that is signalling to us. At it's root the Shamanic Journey allows the practitioner to access this realm through altered states, or ecstatic trance, induced by shamanic practices such as repetitive drumming.

The act of shifting between these realms is achieved through the Shamanic Journey. In this state the practitioner can examine life and associated problems from a detached, spiritual perspective. In essence, shamanic journeying is a way of contacting your inner self and/or external spirit allies and receiving information.

The Shamanic Journey allows the practitioner to detach from the distracting external noise of the world, focus on and try to decipher the message that is being communicated

The rhythmic nature of drumming provides the shaman with a way to reach ecstatic trance states. The shamanic practitioner can traverse a variety of non-ordinary landscapes to access support and advice from their spiritual allies in this way.

If you would like to find out more about this practice and perhaps book an appointment please visit my contact page and fill in the form, or connect with me through social media (Links available on the web site) I will be happy to speak with you.

I also run Introductory Shamanic Journey Circles.

Be Well.

Seah x

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