"Seek to heal maladies at their core rather than merely treat symptoms." Seah Wraye


The shamanic practitioner's role requires a lifetime of training, initiation, personal sacrifice and daily practice. therefore her services are traditionally highly valued by the community and a financial, material or energetic sacrifice must be made in exchange for services rendered by the shaman. 

The practitioner's preparation for individual healing sessions is time-intensive and physically demanding, as is the period of decompression which follows, usually requiring 3-4 hours outside of the client session,  compensation for this time is thus reflected in the shamanic practitioner's price. 

Shamanic Healing sessions with me (Remote as well as in-person) usually require 2 - 3 hours of your time in ritual space .

Exchange £150.  

Divination Readings up to 1 hour.

Exchange £60.

Space/Land Clearing Healing £360

*Travel expenses are always covered by the client.

*Payments via Paypal and other online payment systems incur additional charges.

*Please get in touch if you are deeply drawn to working with me but unable to afford my charges. My work is always Spirit- led and we are happy to adjust charges and payment methods if you are experiencing genuine financial difficulties. 

*Our creative and financial  challenges are OFTEN rooted in the spiritual and therefore require spiritual healing to restore material balance and flow into your life.


payment arrangements can also be agreed, if raised during our initial consultation and mutually agreed prior to our first session. 

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