Shamanic Healing Services


Physical, Mental, Environmental

 Emotional & Spiritual

Health and Wellbeing.

  • Shamanic Healing 

  • ​Spiritual Coaching

  • Divination/Readings

  • Mediumship

  • Space Healing/Clearing

  • Personal Healing Rituals

  • Curse Unravelling 

  • Compassionate Deposession

  • Psychopomp/Post Death Support





There are times in life when we can each benefit significantly from having the right practical, spiritual and emotional support  from a neutral well-intended source.

This is the service I provide to clients as a Spiritual Coach. Support can be sought for anything from:

  • feeling confused, unsure or lost in relation to things, people, relationships and situations in your life

  • wanting some clarity to help in making a decision

  • yearning to be safely, firmly and lovingly held and supported during and after a relationship breakup, loss of work or loss of a loved one through death, to

  • being supported through a change of life or spiritual awakening which often feels like being on the verge of a mental breakdown. 

These can be exceptionally difficult and pivotal periods which hold a great potential to propel us into manifesting more of our greatest life, with some courage and the right support. 


Clients often start to seek alternative healing options when medical physicians and therapists are unable to find the cause of their health concerns and when allopathic medicines cease to manage their physical and mental symptoms. 

The physical symptoms of the ailments and  ill-health we experience are usually have an energetic or spiritual root; they stem from  within the spiritual so to truly heal, the root  requires spiritual attention.

Shamanic healing refers to healing physical illnesses from at their spiritual sources by connecting with the essence of the malady so that it may communicate what is required to heal it essentially.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I engage with my spirit allies to perform shamanic methods of healing to help restore, strengthen and maintain the body, mind and spirit.

Much of the healing I facilitate can also work alongside conventional medicine.



in the role of Diviner and Medium. I consciously and actively invite my spirit allies to come forth to bring practical guidance and messages to clients at their request.

Divination and mediumship are sort  for various reasons, often related to seeking answers, clarity and direction for one's personal life, relationships, physical health and wellbeing, career, business, challenges, family life and more.


The Shamanic Experience
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