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"Seah, took the time to outline the session steps and allotted time for questions and answers before and afterward. As she allows you to settle in, she encourages you to prepare with written intentions to put in mind, and take this into the cocoon of the manifestation container. As she helps you prepare a comfortable space to lie down or sit, the exploration begins… Once she begins to play the drums (and whistle) you are transported to the deep space of intention and possibility. It is a beautifully transformative experience filled with intensity, force, love, creativity, and finally gratitude – gratitude for the Creator, The Ancestors, the supportive energies of Light… and Seah, for allowing Spirit to use her in such profound ways for the Good." 

Cazembe, Moonly Manifestation Participant, 2024

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WhatsApp Testimonial
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"Meditation and manifestion has so many different meanings in today’s life. What Seah does is create a space for your mind, body, soul to be together. Like therapy, but without words, instead feelings, images, knowings and becomings. If before manifestation sessions, I had blocked pipes of imagination or desires, these are starting to flow again with all the abundance and necessary gifts that come with it. It has made moving through blocks and practical challenges in my daily life easier and solutions arise more easily. Like taking the car to the mechanic, your soul and journey is smoother from the alignment. I ground my first quarter of 2024 to these moonly sessions and couldn’t look forward more to them more. Joining space with Seah, others and all parts of me."

Holly, Moonly Manifestation Participant, 2024

"After the session I felt completely relaxed, reflective, and inspired. The week following brought a considerable sum of unexpected money. I believe that Seah’s medicine is genuine and Spirit-filled. If you have the opportunity, please give yourself the gift of experiencing her mastery, so that you may increase your manifestations and Light. Your Ancestors will be pleased."

Moonly Manifestation Participant, 2024

"Seah coaching offers a 360 holistic view of where you are in your life, and the desires, that might need to unfold in order to move with spirit. Seah is like a knowing oak tree, a place that you visit that their wisdom just continually flows, and shared in a joyful, humorous manner. The coaching will be like nothing you have experienced before, and will be tailored with and to you. Trust in that if you have reached this far, so much more is yet to come."


Shamanic Journey Workshop Participant
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Testimonial from Diana
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Dike's Testimonial Reading and Shamanic Healing
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