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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing involves Journeying into non-ordinary reality in order to access sacred soul medicine and guidance to practically support and enrich life in ordinary reality - our physical daily life. 

Shamanic healing incorporates numerous methods of restoring health to the spirit and the fabric of the soul, in order to manifest and heal on the physical levels. Some basic shamanic healing methods include soul retrieval, object extractions, power retrieval, Ancestral healing, divination, Mediumship, curse unraveling, soothsaying and attachment release (also known as compassionate depossession).

Our most ancient ancestors were commonly aware that there is a spiritual source to physical maladies, therefore they knew that the physical symptoms were merely a call for the individual to attend to the soul with the support and guidance of the Spirits, directly or with the shamans.


As a shamanic healing practitioner, my work is always spirit-led I divine healing on behalf of clients as directed by the divinities and spirit allies who work through me to bring spiritual medicine to the client. It is common for more than one healing method to be used during a session and for more than one session to be required in order to fully attend to a malady. Successful healing via shamanic methods requires a genuine personal desire to heal one's self. It takes time for healing to integrate into the physical, yet integration is usually accelerated by one's commitment to engaging with the sacred prescriptions divined for you during each session. Remember, Shamanic healing heals at source rather than merely treats or manages symptoms. 

Spiritual Coaching​

Most clients come to me at a time of personal transition and challenges, seeking to be guided by spirit when nothing else that they've tried seems to be working.  There may be obstacles  which they feel unable to overcome alone, without guidance or support. There are also times when clients get in touch because they're experiencing unusual occurrences or phenomenon and want to speak to someone who will understand.. In such cases spiritual coaching is usually where we begin. 

This is a method during which the client shares their experiences and concerns, I listen and ask questions guided by my spirits and intuition and these questions usually lead the client to epiphanies - answers already hiding within themselves. 

Messages, rituals and sacred prescriptions often come through for for clients during coaching sessions as well. 


Divination & Mediumship

One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is being able to connect and communicate with spirit on behalf of others.

This can be through connecting via mediumship, to a loved one who has passed over or connecting with spirit allies to divine answers and rituals on behalf of clients, to support them in their every day lives. 

Space Healing & Psychopomp

It's not unusual to work with a client who also requires the clearing of misplaced energies or spirits attached to their home or work space. In such cases I usually perform rituals and psychopomp work to heal and clear these energies remotely or by attending the space in person - this depends on the direction of my attending spirit allies. 

Healing and supporting suffering spirits which are reluctant to move on - often due to fear, confusion, lack of forgiveness or other physical attachment - to transcend, is referred to as psychopomp.  

At times It is the client who has to carry out a personal ritual which is prescribed by the spirits, to clear their personal space and in such cases full instructions are always given.

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