about seah wraye

A significant part of my daily personal Practice is to living in communication and connection with my ascended ancestors and tutelary spirits, whose tutelage enables me firstly to heal myself and then empowers me to  channel the essence sought by others to heal their own Maladies, at source.  We are born with the capacity to heal ourselves therefore I am not the healer - I divine healing to activate the healing which is already at the source of dis-ease within you and your life. I access these sacred essences By connecting with the divine creative, natural and universal forces, my ancestors in spirit and the compassionate spiritual allies who have chosen and who continue to choose to work through me.


As a Practitioner I divine healing in various forms on behalf of individuals within my local and global community who come to me seeking help with personal issues/challenges/maladies regarding their physical, emotional, relationship, personal life, home and environmental health.  I also support the dying - those about to transition - and those who have transitioned from the physical yet require healing and support in order to move on from our Earthly Realms.

"It is important to know that the vocation of a healing practitioner comes with us into Earth, it cannot be given by another but usually requires the support of masters - seen and unseen -  to develop within us. As with many of my colleagues and others that I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life, my path into shamanism has often been challenging and painful at times. For me, i've had to weather and heal through uncomfortable life changes in order to follow the calls of spirit which eventually led me here. "

Whatsoever your "baggage"  your life concerns, your physical,  emotional, relationship, spiritual and or business concern, it is rooted in your spiritual. Therefore to truly move forward, it's important that you attend to healing and to restoring balance here.

True healing requires a personal desire and willingness to take Personal responsibility for clearing your debris. Our healing is each of our personal responsibility. It's an individual journey. No one can do this for you. However, we can support you while you clean up and help prevent you drowning in it.

I"m down to earth, compassionate, warm, open, direct, expressive and welcoming by nature and this is also how I am with clients. As well as being a Shamanic Practitioner, I am a mother and professional child care provider - roles which greatly contribute to my learning and spiritual expansion, daily and support my role as a healing Practitioner. 

Here and feel from others that I have worked with in testimonials.


"Seah is similar to no other, she lives in the present at all times with full faith in all aspects of life. She carries a very bold, motherly, caring, curing and healing energy which brings up the best in people and helps them to open up without force, to be treated. Through Seah, I've realised that It's very easy to bury pain within myself,  pain which could've affected me throughout my entire life, if I allowed it. Seah enables you to see through the pain that you didn’t want to feel and go into. By recognising what caused me pain, I began to evaluate my pain, instead of avoiding it and allowing it to make me insecure in  certain aspects of my life - sadly the latter is what most of us seem to do.

Seah holds powerful space which allows you to endure the most challenging of situations in life - be it mentally or physically. She’s the most honest person I know and she speaks from a place of understanding at all times."


--- Mr M J M

initiations, training & experience

The call to shamanic practice is a lifelong one. 


Even before most of us begin to embark upon formal training we have experienced calls from spirit, in one form or another, to pay attention to them. 


Wraye has been a licensed healing practitioner for over 12 years and have successfully assisted many clients with a great variety of personal requirements during that time. She has successfully assisted and supported many others prior to being formally qualified, as I have always heard the call of my ancestors and relied on my spiritual guidance  - even when I didn't know what this was or how to 'hear' them most effectively.  


“A most challenging part of My journey began started 14 rears ago when a hidden yet significant aspect of my sexuality revealed itself. My inner and outer worlds shifted, twisted and jolted on their axes until I decided to slow down to a halt and face myself in order to deal the pain within, especially in relation to that of my children and family at that time. This slowing down was catalytic to my personal healing and I soon found myself facilitating deeper healing for others. With this progression I was eventually called to receive various attunements, formal training and initiations. as a healing practitioner.”


As well as being a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Wraye is also a Licensed Unitive Life Coach and Fully Attuned Reiki Master Practitioner. Her spiritual development continues as she traverses the landscape of my personal and professional life.


Prof. Bayyinah Bello

The Origin of African Spirituality and Practices



Dagara Elder Malidoma Some

West African (Dagara) Ancestralization


2015 - 2018 

The Sacred Trust 

Certified Three Year Shamanic Practitioner Initiation Training 


2011 - 2013

London College of Spirituality

Attuned to Reiki 

Levels 1 - Master Practitioner



 Life Coach UK

(Dr Charles Bentley)

- Licensed Unitive Life Coach.


1974- Present 

Immeasurable Personal Life Experiences & Initiations