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Death & Dying

About 17 years ago while waiting alone in a hospital waiting room while doctors delivered news to my then girlfriend's mother, I was being given a message which I was adamant not to deliver coz I wasn't comfortable; I didn't feel familiar enough.

Her Spirits: "Tell her not to be afraid. Just as her mother and family were here to receive her when she got here (was born), they'll be there to receive her when she gets there."

Me: Nope. I'm not doing it. We're not close enough for me to tell her that.

Immediately my friend appearef: "Mommy is asking for you."

Me: 🤯🙄..........📩📮....

I delivered the message as told and it was received so heartfully.

c.12 years later, during an initiation, I arrived at spiral stairs, similar to the one in the image above - except that the spiral stairs upon which I had found myself were enclosed within and sat against the circumferential walls of what appeared to be a silo between dimensions/realms; one of several realms through which I had to pass after "physical death".

When you get here, into this "purgatory" space, I encourage you to just keep going. Detach. Resist the temptation to hold on to this reality and your perceived relationships to it.

Reflect yes, but forgive yourself quickly let go... jump even, to more quickly rise!

You and soully you will decide your length of stay there, you're the only judge.

Regrets, guilt and fears keep ones stuck there on those steps in that silo and indeed in the other soular dimensions - which will likely appear differently in form, to mine - punn unintended.

So detach.

Reflect, forgive, let go, jump and rise!

Yes, you'll have options. You can walk each step - step by mental, reflective step - or you can quickly get the gist "forgive yourself, forgive "them", move on quickly!" and jump down full centre to the next level.

Down then out. Through which door?

Choose one. They both lead to the same realm. What were doors for me, may be one door or maybe a window for you or maybe a coil - a threshold, a gateway of somekind, to cross... to expand into. Times 11, 13 or Nine.

The quicker we let go, the higher and lighter we fly in this and each proceeding realm.

Death (in all it's forms) like birth, is a transitional process... a journey ...a labour of deconstruction which facilitates Soul's progression to it's other far more expansive states⁴⁴.

So in the meantime it serves us well to practice dying, relinquishing control and fucking off with the control you've been giving to fear.

Practice emPowers 💫🌟💫

Image Reposted from @alteredstates__ 💫🌟💫

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