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Grow through "hell"

Allowing ourselves to Grow through "hell" (pain), rather than merely "Going through it", enables healing.

True Healing is an uncomfortable "unsticking" ...a clearing out of energies which have accumulated and become "stuck" within our bodies (physical and otherwise).

It is the cracking open of old, often inherited and very sensitive wounds- in orde to expose them to stinging yet healing light

So remember that when we choose to and start to heal, we're also choosing to experience the disruption, the dismemberment and the discomfort which accompanies true healing.

We're summoning from within ourselves to gather up our Courage and our Love which are required to navigate the deep dark; supported by our "staff" - our trusted allies in our physical as well as our non physical realities - our trusted friends, relatives, counsellors, ascended Ancestors, Spirit allies, guardian angels and such💫


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