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Heal-In... Healing

We can only assist in the authentic healing of others from whole places within ourselves.

Therefore those of us who chose to enter this dimension to assist others, have a persono-spirituo responsibility to firstly and consistently attending to ourselves.

This attendance requires us to be present with ourselves, to be open to identifying, through feeling - our emotions, reactions, responses - acknowledging them, identifying that there are wounds... exploring them to arrive at their roots; intending to heal them.

Self-exploration may at times require the support of one or more members of our tribe - elders, trusted friends, diviners/counsellors, confidants... because our reflections often become clearest to us via the transpersonal mirror of others.

This is also imperative for us as parents and those who will become parents.

This is imperative to the breakage and cessation of repeating unhealthy generational patterns of violence, victimism, abuse (including nonviolent abuse), codependency, insecurity, mistrust etc. along our lines.

Seah Wraye 🗝

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