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Practice being present 🎁

Practice being present with your power and your presence so that your divine presents 🎁, your innate gifts can come through You.

Practice produces and generates more personal power around it's subjects.

Power = Electricity Currency Vitality Energy etc.

Our personal passions are directly correlated to our purposes. Our passions feel good so that we'll be inSpired and inCouraged to increasingly engage with them, thus naturally forming our practices over time which then organically develop and hone our skills - even beyond our mental awereness most of the time.

Our passions therefore also direct us or guide us, towards the purposes we've chosen to come to serve here, the gifts we've come to embody and so inevitably will share with the those within our realities, realms and spheres.

So trust that those things which you're passionate about - even the simplest, most unusual of things in each moment - are of significant value and give yourself permission to pursue them - even in each moment, simple and unusual as they may be. Their purposes will reveal themselves in time, if you'll allow yourself to see. It's divinely promised.

Practicing being present connects us to ourselves, increases our sensory awareness of self - our consciousness - and releases the mind from memory (past) and worry (false future), in the moment - momentarily. Hence we practice, momentarily - constantly - 'til we become moreso present, automatically.

Practice rewards itself with empowerment so that we may expand naturally through it into MaStery... MyStery... MyStory... YourStory.

You - Guru - Gee yoU aRe yoU 💫👑💫


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