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Rooms In My House

I am a house with many rooms

Rooms I often forget

Because for some strange reason

I've boxed myself in

Time and time again

I say "a house" but it's  more like a mansion... my WombSIon

There are levels actually

To date my favourite is the lower ground - The CellAr with two floors

Or those may be all that I've so far seen

The BaseMent which I must walk outside my "main" house - through the spacious sloping garden to the right and round the back to access

Each time I step inside, my heart sinks and leaps at the same time

It sinks for joys I've forgotten and for potential self-denied

It leaps at how absolutely YUMMY it is


Cool in temp and in vibe

Cozy Homey

Colourful Quaint

It's Grandma, Aunty Ity, Sena and Babais

It's Manna it's Me, it's Jahalé and Malik

It's then and it's Now

It's my sanctuary my studio

My sleep space my sex space

My Sweet Spot My Tree House

It's Abuja,

It's my Chief yet unnamed

It's spacious... its my Grave

It's my night time even when it's Day

I scribe here to etch it deep now into my memory

Or maybe I scribe now to pull it out from there, into my ordinary reality here

Sew now it will seed and sink it's roots

And I'll forget no more

Coz it's time it's decided - we decide

To come out

To walk round

To enter to explore to occupy

and to refamiliarise

To conJour and to conJoyIN

our potentials with our desires

To start to Live in

All the rooms of My WombSIon

My House

Seah Wraye



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