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Many a lie can be "evidenced" as truth and many a truth can not be so...

The sordid shytstem upon which these societies are designed know this... they play it out en mass and most of that mass simply absorbs. unResponseAbly.... subscribing to "evidencing" - that which is provable - able to be validated through and by the physical senses - the tangible ...the dense

And yet our vessels... our portals are so often so deeply marred by scars... by wounds experienced in this life and from those of old - old yet present - there is no line of time.

Wounds which etch nuff sketch onto the lenses of the psyche's vision oft obscuring, blurring wision's... yes "wision's" clarity from discerning truth. For we know the truth by the way it feels... but to get to know that feel, for many who've been scarred and marred in battle, is a major - even lifetime - feat. For the etches and scars keep them sadly safe from what they truly are and enjoy most emBodying... to Be and thus to feel... Ukweli ....Truth Uhuru ....Free


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