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  • Best Value

    October Discount

    30% Off Divination Readings booked before November 5, 2021
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • Up to 60 minutes of Divined Consultations
  • Divination/ Readings

    Find out what spirit messages await you
    • Single reading 1 hour
  • Shamanic Healing

    2-3hrs of Divined soul healing for enhancing Life
    • Healing life's maladies at their cores. Healing the Soul.
  • Space/ land Healing

    To clean and clear negative and blocking energies
    • Cleansing of your personal space, your home or your land
    • NB* Travel expenses covered by client - call to discuss
  • Shamanic Journeying

    A 6 week training in the methodology of Shamanic Journeying
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 6 x 3 hr Zoom sessions - Thurs 6 till 9 pm from Feb 3rd 2022

"Seek to heal rather than merely treat."

Seah Wraye


The shamanic practitioner's role requires a lifetime of training, initiation, personal sacrifice and daily practice. therefore her services are traditionally highly valued by the community and a financial, material or energetic exchange is required for services rendered by the shaman. 

The practitioner's preparation and decompression time (outside of the client healing sessions) is also quite time-intensive and energetically demanding. this is reflected in the shaman's request in exchange for her offerings. 

*Travel expenses are always covered by the client.

*Payments via Paypal and other online payment systems incur additional charges.

*Please get in touch if you are deeply drawn to working with me but unable to afford my charges. My work is always Spirit- led and we are happy to discuss payment arrangements if you are experiencing genuine financial difficulties. 

*Our creative and financial  challenges are OFTEN rooted in the spiritual and therefore require spiritual healing to restore material balance and flow into your life.

*Payment arrangements must be mutually agreed and completed prior to our first session.