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Fleeting InFinity

All I have is Now

Every moment is fleeting.

Every moment, witnessed or missed becomes unhinged

Revisited only via one's memory of one's insperience of it

To have my head my mind my thoughts filled with fears, worries, thoughts of "shoulds" or "should nots" makes me fucking claustrophobic and robs Me of too much

Too much treasure

Too much pleasure

Yet when I let go to the free ness and light ness of what I am

I am considered insensitive

I am considered cold



When I let go

Fires blaze

River banks of Sweet Waters break

Tornadoes rail

Wildly Sweetly Seductively Excitingly Painfully

Leaving egoic highways of bones, ash and dust in my wake

When I try to hold on

When I try to steer the direction of my wild Spirits' songs

The bows still break

Under the forces of these immortal winds of change

Forests still blaze

Sweet Water banks still break

I am still deemed


I am still deemed cold "Unkind" "inconsiderate"

So I straddle a line

I stand at another threshold

To move in any direction is to die

To stand still here I shall also surely die

So I stand and I move to feed my Spirits

My responsibility is to re-member not to have or to hold on to whatsoever needs to go

Who else will walk the lengths and breaths of my journey besides me?

No body. My Ancestors My Divinities... My Rods and My Staffs - My Bones. They are my eternal journey companions. They guide and comfort me while Eye navigate ...fleeting inFinity

by Seah Wraye ©️

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