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Relationships: Walking Away to You

Relationships: When We Walk to Awaken

In order to truly re-empower yourself you must utilise your divine will to identify and create distance between you and the external "mess" which is constantly reaffirming your internal "mess".

By doing this you create space for yourself, to actively utilise your divine will yet again, to align with your divine aspects - the true source of your personal power; alignment necessary for your true healing - the re-embodiment of your vitality, the life force of Soul experiencing life through You as you.

Allowing your energy/ your currency/ your power and vitality to syphon off into unfulfilling soul-draining relationships compromises the integrity of the fabric of Your Being which increasingly creates personal physical vulnerability and susceptibility to "the elements"; leaving you open to maladies and "accidents".

Sometimes these relationships manifest for you to see yourself through experience, to incite and to inspire you to elevate within yourself.

See your medicine.

Take it. Then leave.

Love, All Ways


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