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Love aligning

Love, in He/r many faces and phases lives, experiences, expresses, plays, witnesses He/rself through us "as" us.

Love's unlimited, S/he's a lot, to say the least, to channel. Know that you're built for He/r - created by He/r for He/r. Love

Allowing He/r - Love - in, to embody and flow through you is no mean feat.

Parts must sometimes be broken to be opened to release and to endure healing, to precede He/r coming in.

Hahaaa! You've healed now. S/he's here.

Feels weird huh? That absence of resistances...?

Take your time. Get used to it. You're recalibrating to He/r "new" infinitely timeless frequencies. inJoy He/r. Love. Trust yourself.

How will you know that Love is here?

You'll now know because you now trust Yourself - your knowIn', implicitly.

Through my spirituo-personal processes and experiences I become a staff and a station of support for a few to use during such stages of your life and way beyond.

Trust knowing.

Warmest Loves,


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