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Spring Cleaning the Unseen

As Spring approaches, many of us start thinking of clearing out clutter, lightening cupboards and shelves, clearing under beds... changing curtains, cleaning windows, clearing out winter's cobwebs and other misplaced things which we easily see, welcoming more air and light in into our homes and work spaces in anticipation of the light and freshness of Sister Spring's arrival. Many of us have also become used to removing and asking our guests to remove their shoes and coats upon entering our spaces, yet there are various unseen elements and energies which we all carry with us, which don't just get left at the door with the shoes and thrown out with the unwanted clutter.

"What's this "unseen"business?"

Alongside loving, kind, feel-good

vibes, we carry within us fears, unhealthy thought patterns, stresses, weight of responsibilities, residual pain from life's experiences - losses, disappointments, traumas, illness, relationship break-ups, divorce, abuse; to describe a few. Ours, as well as the pains of those who live with us and those who visit (for work and for play) usually linger long in the air, long after their hosts have left, long after the physical symptoms have gone - the tears have dried, the heart aches less, the arguments have quelled - and some choose to stay as uninvited guests making themselves comfortable and eventually causing us some dis-ease.

"How can I know that my space needs cleansing or healing?"

The accumulation of these misplaced energies in spaces where we spend extended periods of time can impact on our vitality, our health and our lives in unpleasant ways.

Lethargy, often getting sick or injured to varying degrees, increased irritability,insomnia, restlessness, sudden or increased relationship woes, loss or decreasing success in business, personal property, equipment and buildings often being damaged or become faulty, deflated atmosphere and decreased motivation are some indicators of a call to have your space energetically/spiritually cleansed and healed.

The accumulation of misplaced energies tends to be accelerated in businesses and homes with a heavy footfall and those in which pains and traumas are treated - spaces such as hotels, guesthouses, airbnbs, foster care homes, residential care homes, hospitals, family centres, gp surgeries, therapeutic spaces... therefore should be cleansed regularly.

"Can I cleanse my spaces myself?"

Yes, there are several ways in which you can cleanse your space of certain energies yourself using:

- visualisation techniques

- burning healing plants and herbs

- sound